What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Bats And Birds?


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Bats and birds may have a lot in common, but they’re actually totally different creatures. Read on, and I'll tell you why!

How Are Bats And Birds Similar?
  • They both eat fruit, nectar and insects
  • They have streamlined bodies, which makes it easier for them to fly
  • Both creatures have wings (there's no point in having aerodynamic bodies if you haven't got any wings!)
  • They’re both around the same size
  • They both live in trees
  • Both are very shy around humans
I know those seem like some pretty big similarities, but in my opinion, the differences are much bigger!

What Are The Differences Between Bats And Birds?
  • Bats are mammals, and birds are…well, they’re birds!
  • Bats have fur, whereas birds have feathers
  • Bats give birth, but birds lay eggs
  • Bats have arms, hands and feet – birds only have talons!
  • Bats are warm-blooded, but birds generate their own heat
  • Nearly all bats are nocturnal, whereas only some birds are.
In fact, a bat is more like a winged mouse than it is a bird. If you ever get the chance to see a bat up-close, you’ll see that it does actually look like a rodent with wings. They're cute, though!
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They both...
  • Fly
  • Eat insects
  • Have streamlined bodies
  • Have a pair of wings
  • Eat fruit
  • Carry diseases
  • Eat nectar
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bats and birds both live wiorldwide

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How long can bats live

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