Do Vampire Bats Really Drink Human Blood?


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Although it is far less common than popular horror stories might suggest, it is possible that a vampire bat would try to and feed on human blood.

'Vampire bat' is the name given to three different types of blood drinking bat:
  • Desmodus rotundus
  • Diphylla ecaudata
  • Diaemus youngi
Only the Desmodus rotundus feeds on the blood of large mammals.

What do vampire bats eat? Vampire bats are the only mammal whose diet consists entirely of blood. This makes them the only parasite of the mammal kingdom.

The common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) is also unique within the species as the one type of bat that actually feeds on the blood of larger mammals (usually goats, cows and horses). Other types of vampire bat restrict themselves to a diet of small birds.

Vampire bats are fascinating hunters. They only ever venture out in full-darkness, and navigate through the dark using a form of low-frequency sonar. To feed, they usually listen out for the sounds of sleeping animals, which constitute their main prey.

As far as preying on humans, a vampire bat probably wouldn't distinguish between a sleeping human and a sleeping horse.

How do vampire bats feed? The way vampire bats feed on their prey is just as chilling as their appearance. The common vampire bat will target its sleeping prey and then close in on an area of the body that it senses to be 'warm' (signalling the presence of blood). It then uses its teeth to make a small incision, from which it laps up the blood.

To keep the blood flowing from a victim, a vampire bat's saliva contains chemicals that act as an anti-coagulant, preventing the blood from clotting.

Another interesting aspect of vampire bat's feeding is that it is armed with sharp canine and cheek teeth which it uses to shave away the hair preventing access to the skin of its prey.
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No. Vampire bats have a bad reputation today because of how the movies have portrayed them. Vampire bats rarely attack human beings. As the matter of fact, vampire bats do not like the taste of human blood; they are very rarely likely to kill their prey.

Most vampire bats prey on the blood from other large animals such as cows, horses, pigs, and deer; and they usually do most of their eating in the dark or at night.

When eating, the bat makes small punctures into its victim with its razor sharp teeth. Each bat will only drink about an ounce of blood per night.

Vampire bats are carriers of the rabies virus, so if a human being were bit by a vampire bat, he/she would require immediate medical attention and vacations may need to be administered.

Vampire bats simply do not like the taste of human blood.
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Vampire bats don't really drink human blood. They are sometimes mistaken for vampires! This is why some people believe they drink human blood. But they don't like the taste of the human blood. They only drink animals blood, like cow blood.
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No.Vampire bats are not harmful to humans - that means it doesn't drink human blood, it drinks farm animal blood.
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No they do not drink human blood - they drink other animal blood. They don't just drink barn animals blood, it is true they drink other animal blood.
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No, they do not drink human blood. Only sick animals'...
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Yes, yes, vampire bats drink human blood. They feed on animals like horses, deer, cows, pigs - well mostly a lot of barn animals..

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