Are Moles Blind?


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Adult moles ( Talpa europaea) in Britain aren't completely blind, but they do have very poor vision. Because moles have tiny eyes which they habitually keep closed (to keep dirt out of them) it's sometimes thought that they don't even have eyes. If you ever inspect a mole you may find it hard to locate the pinhead-sized eyes with its protective membrane and hairy eyelids. Anyway, an animal that spends most of its time underground probably doesn't need good vision; acute smell and hearing are far more useful for finding a meal.

But adult mole eyes are sensitive to light and movement. There's no evidence that they can see in colour, though.

Newborn moles are blind, but mostly because their eyes are sealed shut until about 11 days old, anyway.

That said, some species of moles are entirely blind. For instance, 18 species of golden moles live in deserts in South Africa and are completely blind all of their lives.
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Wow. You are smart. You actually helped me understand a line in the poem "Yet Do I Marvel" by Countee Cullen that goes "[...] could tell why/ The little buried mole continues blind [...]"
For that, thank you.
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Yes a bit blind
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Moles are not blind they just have bad eye sight...

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