Does A Mole Hibernate Through The Winter?


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Moles do not hibernate as they cannot store fat. Although they ca store earthworms in their caverns, they bite off their heads to prevent them from escaping. Earthworms can survive headless for some time but not enough to form a food store for the mole.

Moles are active during day or night throughout the year, and in winter they burrow deeper down to find worms that have migrated lower. They resurface in the spring and this is when they cause the most damage to lawns. They are relatively solitary creatures and very territorial. There may be just about one or two moles in an entire lawn but due to their endless burrowing, it is more than enough to ruin any lawn. They are not rodents as they feed mainly on insects. As they search for grubs and larvae hidden in the roots of plants, they unintentionally cause extensive damage. The root systems suffer extensive damage invariably causing the plant or die. Some moles, though, have been known to feed on the roots and tubers of garden plants.

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