Are White Boxer Dogs Usually Blind Or Deaf?


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The entire family of white boxer dogs, mixture of Mastiff and Bulldog, are not usually affected by the deafness and blindness, but yes, these deficiencies are more common to some specific variants. It has been observed that the white boxers, when bred, may generate deaf dogs. Ways of breeding and the practices observed by the breeders have a greater effect on the outcome in terms of blindness and deafness. The problem can be addressed by proper medication and selecting the breeding animals. According to George M. Strain, Associate Vice Chancellor Office of Research & Graduate Studies Louisiana State University, "White boxers carry a version of the regulatory gene that causes over- expression of the piebald gene, producing heavy white color, blue eyes, and deafness".    So, it is the presence of a particular breeding gene that is responsible for creating such deafness and thus the effect can be minimized by using the higher technology for breeding. Some of the white boxer puppies have shown deafness in only one of their ears. As per the records of the Boxer Rescue Services (U.S.), approximately 30-40% of white Boxers have shown their deafness. Lacking pigments (due white) at the cells of the inner ear are responsible for creating the deafness, which generally occur within 6 to 8 weeks of age. Deafness's are negligible to the white Boxer dogs where there is a more color in the coat of the white boxer. Blindness is less prominent on the white Boxer dogs compared to their deafness.
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White boxers are at much higher risk of deafness because the cells that produce colour are also involved in the formation of a normal ear as the pup develops in the womb. Lack of pigment signify risk of deafness, and occurs in other white dogs too, not just dalmatians. Also in white cats.
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I am with Harka. Deafness can and usually does occur in any predominantly white breed which also demonstrates very light blue eyes.

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While white boxers can go blind or deaf during their lifetime, like any other dog species (accident or illness) about 18% of all white pups born are born deaf in either one of both ears. They do, however, go on to live normal lives with caring families. Deaf boxers can be trained to understand sign language and hand signals. They will need more patience then a normal puppy. White boxers (about 12%) are born blind. However, these statistics are no higher than any other animal that is white, and is thus not limited to white boxers.

Contrary to popular belief, white boxers are not albino. The white coat happens when both parents carry a recessive "white" gene, which will make pups white.

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If you are breeding Boxers and had no idea that you could get white puppies then perhaps you shouldn't be breeding Boxers at all. 25% of Boxer litters are white and 18% of white boxers are born deaf in one or both ears. This is caused by a lack of pigment within the inner ear. They are NOT rare and they are no more valuable than their coloured siblings. Reputable breeders will actually sell them for less. You need to know about some of the health issues that white Boxers can have and you should be researching them on the internet.
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Not as far as I know dog are just like humans actually all animals are its just colour
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White boxers are at no more risk of being blind or deaf than any other dogs, with the exception of the Dalmatian which are quite often deaf. I had a white boxer and she was one of the greatest dogs I ever had. At one time, breeders that had white boxers use to kill the white ones because it was thought to be a weakness in the breed. They don't do this any more, thank God. I hope I helped in some way.
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I have a white boxer and she is not deaf nor blind but she dose have selective hearing haha
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I just got my boxer 2 day and it is also white and death but mine shows symptoms that it can watch the 2 pups and try to see if they reply to thiere name or loud noises

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