Skin Problem On My Olde English Bulldogge. It Looks Like Little Tiny Bumps From Dried Up Pimple?


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How old is your Olde and where are the bumps? The most common cause is exposure to plastic feeding dishes, plastic crates and plastic toys. But it could be a food allergy, or in the case of a puppy, a disease called Puppy Strangles. Clean the area once a day with peroxide or just soap and water and change to heavy glass or stainless steel dishes and get rid of any other plastic and see if this helps. It's a process of eliminating things gradually to see what helps. Remember if you Olde pants for no reason (sign of pain) has a fever or any other symptoms that don't fit simple allergies, take him/her to your vet immediately! Also if you treat your lawn for weeds or use fertilizer your dog will have a reaction everytime he goes on the lawn. In the winter if you walk your dog where streets have been treated with chemicals to melt will see a reaction. Bumps, raw spots etc.

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