How Much Is Benadryl To Sedate A 23Lb Animal?


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You should never use this method to sedate your dog...dogs are not allowed to take human medicine. Their kidney and liver work differently from ours and could get really really sick if injected with human medicine. You should go to your vet and they will probably prescribe some medication for motion sickness....if you care for your pet, pls don't feed him benadryl
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Talk to your vet for a better way to sedate your pet. One of the side effect, let me say that again, SIDE EFFECTS could be that a person can become sleepy by taking benadryl. Side effect means that it is not what the medication is designed to do so you really should not use it for that type of treatment.

What Mims said is also true. Dogs digestive system is somewhat different than humans. Yes, some medications work well on both humans and animals but others an be deadly or cause internal injuries.

Being a frequent flyer, I can appreciate you trying to keep your pet mellow and wish their were more people who would consider what their pet is going through when they are in an environment like this (and how annoying it is to those around the pet).
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1mL per pound, its safe, straight from the vet's mouth. Caution though - it can make some dogs hyper, just like it does in people.

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