Do American Staffordshire Terriers Have Webbed Feet?


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It is a myth that only certain breeds have webbed feet. In fact all dogs have a certain amount of webbing linking their toes. In some breeds and individuals it is more developed than others.
In any breed there will be some variation in height, and this will be to a greater extent in breeds of a recently mixed ancestry, like pitbulls. So do not worry.
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All of these answers are pretty true, all but the part of a pitbull being a newer breed, or a recently mixed breed, I thought the same thing, but if you do some research on it, you will find out that the pitbull is one of the oldest bulldog breeds, the old pit part was to make them smaller to put into a pit to fight, there are all sorts of pictures on the web from a really long time ago, and they were used on farms, they were called bating dogs, for real bulls!! So a "pit" is just an american bulldog, pint sized, and the actual breed is one of the oldest, and best breeds in my opinion, P.S. And english bulldog, they everyone loves, and pays a lot of money for,is a bulldog"american bulldog" and a pug!!! Thats why it looks like that, and thats why it's tail is curved!! And I say american bulldog, but the bulldog came from england originally.sorry for rambling, but it is nice to know the facts.
ANNA JONES answered
Some pitts will have more of webbed feet than others.Tell your friend that there are a few breeds that have webbed.And some of those breed are used to make pitbulls,well people breed those breeds to make up different breeds,or just to get a different look.Ive got a dog well she 9mos,and I made her,I have her daddy,mother and grandmother,and shes has a bit of a webbed don't worry.

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