This Flying Insect Has Six Legs, Brown Body With Black And White Striped Legs And Jumps. What Is It?


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Without a picture it is hard to determine what type of insect you are describing.

  • Identifying Insects
If at all possible, find a picture of the insect you are trying to identify and upload it to the internet. There are insect forums where you may be able to speak with an expert regarding insect species. Entomologists like to share their knowledge via books and online. If you can find even an amateur site you may be able to find out what type of insect this is. Google Images may also have a picture of the insect. If the picture does not identify the insect you could at least use it to speak with a specialist.

  • Local Authorities
You may want to consult a local authority. There are some services such as a 'bug killer' that will be able to identify insects. Orkin is one company that employs people to kill bugs so that your house is safe. They may be able to tell you what type of insect it is.

Unfortunately, without more information on this site we are unable to help you. There are quite a few flying insects out there from flying ants to mosquitoes. There have been some mosquitoes and lake bugs that have white and black striped legs, though their bodies may be more black than brown. Given the information supplied we are unable to provide any type of concrete answer.

We suggest that you find an expert through an online forum, in other ways, or through a local business that could possibly identify the bug. It is best to get a picture or kill one and get a picture of it to help experts identify the insect other than from a description.

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