What Would A Dachshund And Rat Terrier Mix Be Called And Do You Have Any Pics Of Them?


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Its called a rat doxie. I have 2 and they are adorable if I had a pic I'd send it with this answer.
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Never heard of a rat doxie, I have had doxies for over 30 years, is this what you call your dog breed or is it a new breed, they seem to always be coming up with new ones.
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Yes, I have a female Dachshund and Rat Terrier Mix. I call it a Doxie Terrier. The Dachshund has the nickname of "Doxie". Most "Doxie Terriers" come in many colors, shapes, etc. Some are longer and other are shorter. My dog, Xena, is a little shorter than a Dachshund. She has the coloring and pattern of a Miniature Pincher.

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