Do Daschunds Like Water?


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My father has two Dachs - Dolly jumps in the lack and swims after ducks.  Oscar will swim but he would rather stay on the dock!  I think, just like any learned behavior, it takes practice!
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All dogs need water to maintain hydration.  
I assume you are asking if Dachshunds like to swim or tolerate bathing well.  Dachshunds do not typically love to swim the way Golden Retrievers do; they should tolerate baths with no problems.  Short haired Dachshunds can become cold quickly so use warm water for bathing and dry them thoroughly.  Swimming tendancy may vary among Dachshunds and it may be an activity your dog enjoys.
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It will most likely vary between the dogs personalities. These dogs were bred for hunting badgers.  So, it could be either or on water. Agreeing with the DVM at the top of comments, I've bathed plenty of dachshunds, so def. Towel dry very thoroughly even a low setting on the hair dryer would be good for them.
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Those dogs were originally bred to hunt burrowing animals, I think. So no- I'd say.
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My 5 month old dachsie LOVES to swim. She comes kayaking with us and will swim in both fresh and salt water of her own accord. We started by standing in the water and calling her out with treats. Haven't needed them since.

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