What Exactly Are Anaconda Snakes And Are They One Of The Poisonous Ones?


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Anacondas are not poisonous. They kill their prey by constriction.
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Out of all of the different species out there, the anaconda snake is the largest constrictor reptile that inhabits in the Americas. This species of snake is a strong and sleek predator which kills it prey by squeezing them to death.

They can swim but they tend to prefer to live in marshy or stagnant river areas, and during the day, they like to curl up in branches that overhang into the river. At night, they will hide themselves waiting for unsuspecting prey that decides to come out for a drink.

This snake is not poisonous but it uses it teeth to drag prey under the water to drown them and when they are away from the water, they will use their coils to wrap around the prey which suffocates them.

The anaconda will dislocate its own jaw and stretch its neck to allow it to swallow creatures larger than it's self. If it has had a huge meal, it may not feed again for weeks. So, whilst it is not poisonous, it is certainly dangerous!
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No, but when it weighs half a ton and has three inch fangs, it doesn't need to be!
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They are constrictors they are not poisonous. They have long, sharp teeth and kill their prey by squeezing the life out of them. It can swallow huge prey by stretching it's neck and dislocating it's jaw thus allowing it to swallow prey bigger then it's self.

P.S. This was written by an 11 year old who doesn't live anywhere close to an anaconda habitat I'd say that pretty impressive. :)
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They are not poisonous the wrap humans and squeez them to kill
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Anaconda's are  a species of snakes native to South America and are  constrictors, The kill by rapping themselves around there pray  and preventing it from breathing.  The are not considered poisonous.
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They are not poisonous and they are sometimes green. The trick I remember to protect myself from snakes are "red next to yellow, your a dead fellow". Red on black your okay jack". So you can tell which ones are poisonous or not. Water Moccasins are very poisonous though. Ive seen one and held one and they are small so they sneek up on you in lakes or rivers in nearly any lake or river. Thanks !
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Anaconda snakes are just very long, I don't think they are poisonous. But I'm not sure. Google it. :P
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First of all, no snake has poison. Poison has to be oozed out and VENOM is injected!
and no anacondas are not VENOMOUS!!!!!
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Anacondas are a South American aquatic species of the Boidae family. They are not venomous at all, they are constrictors.A constrictor is an ambush predator. This means they will wait for their prey before striking out, coiling around them and "crushing" them till they stop breathing before consuming them. They feed on animals such as capybaras, caimans, jaguars and birds. They are not the longest snake in the world (The longest is the reticulated python) but they are the largest snake by girth. There are a few species of anaconda. They are the Green or Common Anaconda, The Yellow Anaconda and the Dark Spotted Anaconda.
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You guys are wrong, anaconda is really faster than cheetahs and they can fly too... How dumb are you guys?

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