My Guinea Pig Won't Move His Leg. What Should I Do?


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My guinea pig had that problem, she dragged her legs and was paralyzed acting. I took her to the vet, who was very knowledgable about guinea pigs and she gave her steroids. That healed her, but about 1 and 1/2 years later she seems to be getting it again. But good luck!
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I have a guiney pig that had a leg prob I used to give him like a therapy. I held his legs while he walked and one day he was walking on all four feet again
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Hi guinea pig one day just started dragging his let behind him he was in a lot of pain would not eat or drink  had him at the vets a few times he did not know what was wrong with him.  In the end had to get him put down because it was the kindest thing to do, he had no quality of life just sitting in his house and never coming out.
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I would take him to the vets
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Hello, I had a guineapig who dragged one of his back legs along the floor and it wouldn't move. My guineapig did have quite a few problems later on in life, and this was one of them. The vet said that he could cause damage to his foot whilst dragging it along the hutch floor and this would result in him being in a lot of pain. We had to keep him inside from then on in a cage which wouldn't hurt his leg, we did take him outside in the summer for the day though. He did live for about another year after this problem, but he was old and didn't die because of this. I would take your guineapig to a vet though because he might not have the same problem as mine did. I hope this has helped a little.

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