What Good Are Ants? We Always Get Them In The House Every Summer.


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Common ants serve so many important functions it's hard to count them all -- just like the number of ants in a colony.
Innumerable species rely on ants for food. Birds especially eat a lot of ants. But they are also a staple for lizards and snakes. There are even mammals that eat a lot of ants: bears, shrews, moles, and, of course, anteaters.
Ants also help create soil by gathering then masticating sticks and leaves then depositing them in hills or underground burrows. These deposits, which include dead insects, then nourish plants.
Like bees, ants also spread flower pollen as they travel from one sweet blossom to another, thus propagating new plants.
Ants also perform a very important role in preventing the spread of diseases -- like botulism -- by quickly eating carrion.
Sure, it's irritating when ants invade your picnic basket or kitchen in summer (in the latter case, in search of water), but this would be a much-diminished world without them.
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You've asked about ants. And you want to know that why we always get them in summer. Perhaps you're thinking that why we don't get them in winter. Or why we don't see them in other seasons. In fact it has a special reason. You might have thought that you not only see ants in summer but many other insects are there which you see only in summer. And in winter you can't see them. But here we will only discuss ants.
Ants are a wonderful creature of Almighty God. They live in a very civilized environment in their houses. They also communicate very well with each other. In fact, if I say that it is the miracle of Almighty God then my statement is not wrong. Because of the tasks ants perform. They live in colonies as bees live. And they protect their area or their colony from intruders. They also work together. They assign different kind of work to each other and then perform it. In fact they work in all summer and go to the sleep in the winter. That's why we don't see them in winter. That sleep is called hibernation I think you must have knowledge about it. So they sleep their whole winter in dormant state. And become active again in summer. They also transfer different kind of seeds from one place to another that cause greenery. That is the good thing in them. It is the same task that bees perform.
I think it is enough for ants. If you want to know some more about it then do read some books of Harun Yahya. He has done a lot of work on these ants. And you can also find the documentary movies about ants.

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