Are Pigs Cold Blooded Or Warm Blooded?


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Pigs are warm blooded creatures by nature. Warm-blooded creatures are those creatures that try to maintain their body heat at a constant temperature. They do it by generating their own heat in cooler environments and by cooling themselves when they are in a cooler environment. This process requires the warm-blooded animals to have a lot of energy that they derive from food.

Pigs also fall under this category and they also generate their own body heat and cool off with the help of their sweat glands as it is a mammal. Pigs are also known as swines. They live in tall grass and reeds. They can live and survive in most of the habitats as they can eat anything. Hog is a term for domesticated pig. There are several types of pigs and they all belong to the family Suidae. They are actually natives of Eurasia and Africa.

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