Ideas For Decorating A Horse Stall. Theme: Hog Wild (it's A Country Fair, And This Year's Theme Animal Is Pigs)?


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For a horse stall you want to make the most of the space by decorating not only with items on the floor but by hanging items from the rafters or roof of the stall but also the walls to make it that extra bit special. There are plenty of decorations in the shapes of pigs you can get hold of.

One idea is to lay straw down on the floor and place statues of the pigs in the straw to make it look like they are playing around in it. Rather than buying simply the standing up ones why not consider buying some of the comedy ones that are in different positions with different expressions on their faces.

For the rafters it might be good to hang bunting to add color to the stall. Why not make your own bunting, you could even draw pictures of pigs on them if you wanted to carry the theme throughout all decorations. Make sure the bunting is made up of many colors, but of course pink definitely should be a primary color considering it is the usual color for pigs. Another idea for the roof decoration is 3D pigs hung from the ceiling, perhaps add some comedy wings to make that old phrase 'pigs might fly' a reality?

For the walls, you could let your imagination go wild, kids drawings/paintings of pigs or pig masks hung on hooks on the wall.

Either way, make sure pink is a widely used, primary color in your decoration, and if it is a family event get the kids involved, whether it is drawing pictures of pigs, or maybe help decorate flags or bunting.

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