What Would Cause Black Scabs On My Dog's Neck?


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James Parnell answered
Numerous problems could be causing these black scabs on your dog's neck. Usually, though, these symptoms are associated with an allergy of some sort or a form of skin condition.

It's very difficult for me to make an accurate diagnosis of what your dog is suffering from, without seeing it.

The best advice I can give you is to take your dog to the nearest veterinary practice. The vet will be able to undertake a much more thorough investigation of these mysterious scabs on your dog's neck and should be able to start treatment for the problem right away.

What could be causing these black scabs on my dog's neck?
  • My best guess would be that an allergy is causing these problems. Allergies can be caused by numerous things, such as chemicals, fleas or even plants and flowers.
  • An allergy will irritate your dog's skin, and when they scratch at the skin it causes a small wound which then scabs over.
Hopefully this will be nothing serious and your vet can start treatment for the problem right away.
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tracy deines answered
It could be flea residue, have you checked him for fleas? Or he may have allergies and scratched it and causing the black (dried blood) scabs.

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