Are Bears Dangerous?


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The larger species of bear can be extremely dangerous. The brown bear is one of these and normally it poses no threat to people – but that is when it is in its natural environment in the wild. Here, the brown bear is shy and will avoid contact with people; the bear has a very keen sense of smell and is extremely disgusted by the smell of a human being and keeps well away.

A cornered of injured bear is totally different. Females can also be very aggressive if they feel their cubs are being threatened. Usually, what starts the problem though is human behaviour, not bear behaviour.

Bears can also be dangerous because they do not see very well and can mistake and adult man for a rival bear and attack. Most tragic of all are bears that live near urban environments and eat at refuse dumps – they are no longer repelled by human body odours, instead associating with a food supply.
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No . But if  one did try to attack you it would just be seeing if it could scare you . But they will chase you if you run so definitely do not try to run away from a bear because they could easily catch (they can run up to 30 mph well at least that's what I've heard.

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