Are Warthogs Dangerous?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Warthogs in the wild are not especially friendly. They won't under normal circumstances attack unprovoked but are well worth showing a significant amount of respect to due to their power and sharp tusks.    No-one could describe the warthog as being a handsome animal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but not many of us would disagree with Theodore Roosevelt's opinion that warthogs are "hideous beasts". What they may lack in the beauty stakes however is more than made up by the warthog's power, intelligence and adaptability.    Active by day and semi-gregarious, warthogs are thought to be at least as intelligent as a dog… though you may be tempted to throw to stick at a warthog, not for it, if it is charging you at full tilt.    At night, warthogs sleep in holes or burrows, entering the cavity backwards in order to face any intruder that may be misguided enough to disturb them.

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