What Does A Spider Monkeys Home And Surroundings Look Like?


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Victoria Picking Profile

A spider monkey lives in a forest canopy of either an evergreen rainforest, semi deciduous or mangrove forest. They hardly ever venture to the forest floor. They are almost completely arboreal, meaning they live in trees.

Spider monkeys mainly cover the Mexico region, but can also be found in Central America, encircling Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize.

This is the canopy of a rainforest, it is the top layer of trees with the exception of emergent trees.

The monkeys live on this layer as it is easy for them to get to all of the food and nutrients that they need, without the fear of ground predators such as jaguars. However they will have to watch out for eagles, who are one of their natural predators (despite the size that Spider Monkeys can grow to!)

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