What Age To Cut Pitbull Puppy Ears?


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I'm not sure if this is the same everywhere...but I know they will NOT do it after 3 months old! I "think" I read that this can be done around 8weeks...not too sure it sounds right but the best thing to do is call the animal hospital where you plan on getting this done and ask! I did and thats when I had found out the date its too late! I would have missed this otherwise! I'm glad I called and you should too!
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This really makes me see red. You do not, should not be cutting/ cropping an animals ears. This horrific multilation came about because of the horrendous breed standard show rules, which decided that a dog should look like so. The outside of an animals ears ,like ours, is called the pinna. Its job is to pick up sound waves and transfer them to the inner ear to be made sense of. The people who decided to crop the pinna, are not and were not dog lovers but dog abusers. It is abuse to crop a dogs ears or to cut their tail and it causes great pain and a lifetimes distress. Dogs are meant to have their full pinna and their full tail. Both these atrocities are illegal in most places Please think of what I have written. Would you like it to happen to you. 

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