I Need To Know Why My Doberman Won't Stand His Ears Up? What Should I Do?


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See Doberman Pinschers or Labradors like many other breeds  cannot  be able to stand their ears as it is traditionally, it is assumed this is because their ears  have excess of weight but there is a surgical procedure known as ear cropping after which their ears will stand but it is illegal in some countries because of laws against animal cruelty. Doberman ear-cropping
is usually done between 7 and 9 weeks of age. Cropping done after 12
weeks has a low rate of success in getting the ears to stand.The process involves trimming off part of the animal's ears and
propping them up with posts and tape bandages, which allows the
cartilage to develop into an upright position as the puppy grows. The
incision scabs fall off within a week and stitches are removed a week
after that. The puppy will still have the ability to lay the ears back
or down.After the initial surgery has been done, the ears are taped. Ear taping
uses posts to keep the ears straight in the upright position, allowing
them to grow and strengthen the cartilage.
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I seem to have done everything right for the one ear, but after 6 months I was having a problem with only the one ear. I was surprised to see them both stand for two days straight up, but then on the third day I awoke to have his one ear flop. Has it been damaged over night?
Or what can I do other than re-tape with the tampax method. His one ear is perfectly straight, so why is the other one falling down, and what can I now do.
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My mom bread show dogs for years winning several first place. Rubbing stimulates muscles, but it requires a surgical procedure to make them stand up... Something my mom refused to do. It just isn't natural their ears serve a purpose and altering them defeats that purpose.
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People pay to have them cropped, they don't stand up on their own. Many people think this is cruel to do this to them. So, you might want to call some vets and see where you can get it done, and for about how much. Hope this helps you out.
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Rub its ears in a upward motion.
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No1 will do the dogs ears now it had to be done by the time he was 11 weeks or can't b done

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