Why Does My Quaker Parrot Squawk At Me?


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Well if you just got it then it might not be used to you.
If not it might just be because well thats what they do.
I used to have one and it used to squawk at me all the time but thats just what they do mine used to start to talk though it would pick up worked that were saiud a lot like mom or dad or other pets names and stuff like that or when it would fly away and we would say "sammy come back sammy come back" after  while when he was flying away he would say it and then make this laughing noise and we tought him how to dance to the song rockin robbin and he would bob his head up and down and side to side so over all there just really noise pets but you will get used to it so don't take it personify
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It varies from bird to bird. My bird use to squawk for attention, but I ignored him when he did it so he would not learn it as an accepted behavior. Some birds become very affectionate and others don't and his squawk could mean so many different things.
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Quakers are loud birds!  Squawking is their thing.

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