How Do You Know If A Dog Is Having Contractions?


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First of all you should be taking a daily temperature on your female and when temperature drops one degree or less labor is usually within 24 hrs away.
Second, you will know...a female thats having contractions, will have a hard abdomen when she contracts and it sometimes may look like a wave going from one end of abdomen to the other. At this time she may be yelping, moaning, whining, or may me quiet as a mouse.
Third, a dog that is whelping a litter will have a discharge that may contain mucous, be thick, bloody, a little black, etc. You get the idea. If you see a lot of green seek help, it usually indicates an infection.
All dogs are different, but one thing is for sure..when your dog is ready to give birth you will know. My first time dealing with whelping was a little confusing too. But I had a mentor to ask these questions to and everyone who is breeding for the first time should have one. I am answering this because I know that there is nothing that you can do now and birth is on its way. But these are questions that should have been fully researched before you decided to breed or you should have someone to call to help you out.
Things to be careful your dog for lethargy, dehydration, hypocalcemia, dystocia, etc These are all things that jeopardize your dam and the entire litter if they occur. Make sure the female is comfortable and let her sip water, make her when she is in labor. Most dogs don't want anything to do with it, but its important to not get dehydrated. DO NOT let pushing go on for more than 1-2 hrs without the presence of a puppy. If no pup has been produced, seek emergency treatment asap. My first time breeding ended in a costly cesarean, so make sure to have some money or a credit card on hand for emergencies. Your vet should've talked to you about all this before. If you didnt see one prior to this or if this was a "mistake" pregnancy, then please spay/neuter your animals from now on. I wish you the best of luck, and don't worry. As I said before, when it happens..You will know for sure!!!!
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If you are asking about uterine contraction at the time of birth in the dogs then at this time dogs can shake and can be restless and pacing. Because uterine contractions are painful. At this time, dogs also strain to push the puppy outside. Dogs also don't eat and drink at this time.

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