I Have A Guinea Pig We Can't Tell If Its A Boy Or Girl But We Think Its Pregnant Because Its Nipples Are Getting Big And So Is Its Belly So We Dont Know


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I've had a pregnant guinea too. But I knew it was female. How you can tell is by putting light Emphasis on light pressure on the left or right hip if nothing pops out it is  a girl. Also if they start to get heavy in especially towards the back. Most likely pregnant. THey will normally give birth at nite. If it is pregnant be careful when picking it up. And don't let little kids by it. Give it vitamin C water too and lots of fruits and vegetables to go with their normal pellet diet.
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I'm sorry, but the person that said if it has nipples then it is a girl and is pregnant knows nothing!
Both female and male guinea pigs have nipples.
They have two (natures little joke because they can have up to 6 babies!!!).
I have guinea pigs that have never been pregnant that have nipples that look like those of a sow (female) that has had babies.
It can be VERY difficult breeding guinea pigs and can cause a lot of heartache, so good luck, although looking at the date of your post, your piggy would have given birth by now so this is somewhat redundant.
I just wanted to correct the mistake stated by the other user earlier!
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You can tell if its a boy by pushing the belly,(at the top of the genitals) and if something pops out its a boy
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A male guinea pig has a little round circle at the top of his bum. Theres a little circle dot inside it, if its there its a guy!
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If it has nipples than it is a girl and it is pregnant.
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I think cause my guinea pig as the same thing and its nipples are near his legs.
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Hi if you put it on its back and press lightly where its bits and bobs are it will pop out if its a ball,and you can usally feel its testicles.
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I have 2 little piggys and how I found out the gender was I turned them over on gently and lightly pushed around the ....bits and saw if anything poped out

hope this helps :)

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