Why Do Chickens Lay Eggs With Different Color Shells, Such As Green, Blue, Red, Rather Than The Common White Or Brown? Can You Tell What Color Egg The Chicken Will Lay? Is There A Difference In Taste, Or Nutritional Value?


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Hens lay eggs by what breed they are the color DOES NOT change the taste or nutritional value although prices may vary by color i.e. Brown eggs cost more than white
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Different breeds lay different colors of eggs. The basic egg that you get from the store comes from 2 or 3 breeds that are factory farmed. I.e. Lots of chemicals, no sunshine & fresh air, no green grass and bugs. Colored eggs most likely come from backyard farmers/ hobbyist who allow their chickens to free range. So you better bet your bottom dollar that they are more nutritious and taste better if they free range and don't receive all the commercial chemicals and antibiotics. After 3 years of fresh free range eggs, we wouldn't eat anything else. Those store bought eggs with their pale yolks look sickly to us now.

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