Does A Venomous Snake Lay Eggs Or Do They Give Live Birth?


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Majority of venomous snakes do not lay eggs. They give birth, the eggs are held within the female snakes until they hatch.
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Some lay eggs and push leaves on top of them, as the leaves rot they produce heat. Some snakes give live birth such as: Copper heads. You can also go to for more answers!
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It depends on the snake as some snakes lay eggs and others have live born here are two examples for you
a CORN SNAKE has eggs and they come out of the long flap near the end of the snakes tail. It takes a few weeks for the eggs to hatch and the snake will break through the shell and take its time to come out of its shell, try not to handle the eggs to much as they are soft ad there is a chance that they will die.
And a BRAZILIAN RAINBOW BOA has live young that come out the flap near the end of the tail but these are in sacks of which the young snakes will break out of but sometimes need a little help but carefully as they are quick and they will bite to defend themselves as in the wild the mother will just leave them to fend for themselves, and off they go into the world
I only know this as I have seen both as I keep snake myself, I hope this helps you
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Some lay eggs, and some give live birth. Hope this helps.
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They lay eggs.
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Does mother snake die at child birth as baby snakes eats the mother stomach to come out?

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