If You Get Bit By A Diamond Back Rattle Snake, How Long Do You Have To Live Before You Die And How Does The Venom Kill You?


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Well my guess is you have 30 minutes toget to the hospital, if you don't make it in 30 minutes, then I guess you will die. I heard about it on the national geographic channel. Your lucky I ou survive..
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The answer to that is very indefinite, because it depends on so many things. First, there are at least three types of Diamond-back rattlesnakes that I know of, maybe more. There is the Red diamond-back, the Western diamond-back and the Eastern diamond-back.

Also, it depends on how much venom the snake injected. Sometimes snakes don't inject any, other times they inject a lot. It depends on how agitated they are when they bite &/or how threatened they feel. If it is a large Diamond-back, it has a greater amount of venom to inject.

Thirdly, it depends on how good a hit you take. Sometimes you move or their aim was slightly off and only one fang hits you, they don’t get their fangs in very deep, they get you in a large artery or miss your blood vessels altogether, they just scrape you with their fangs rather than sinking them in good, etc.

It also depends on you, the more you panic, the faster your heart races, therefore, the faster the venom gets pumped through your system. Additionally, the larger you are, the longer it takes to pump through your system. Also, the larger you are, the more venom it takes to overcome your body. How fast your metabolism works makes a difference, too, and can speed things up.

It matters where the snake bit you as well. For instance, you would have more time if he bit you on the foot than you would have if he bit you on the neck.

Finally, it depends on the venom of the Diamond back. The venom of the Eastern diamond-back has a neurotoxic-dominant venom which works faster than the hemotoxic-dominant venom of the other two I mentioned.

There are probably several other variables that factor in as well, but they escape me at the moment.
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Most of the sites I am finding say you won't die ever and most bites can be treated so that the person bitten will survive. They say it depends on the snake and the bite and the person.it can be from  30 minutes to a few hours before someone will feel the effects.and in that time most people would be able to get help,be treated.according to the article I found 1 out of 50 million people die from a rattlesnake bite.because the areas they are found in already have treatment centers set up all over the place for just this reason.www.howstuffworks.com

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