How Big Is The Eye Of A Giant Squid


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A giant squids eye can sometimes be up to the size of a beachball! That would be if you were talking about one that was the size of a bus.

They actually have the largest eyes out of any animal in the world.

For an account of two that were actually found washed up, you can go here. It notes that the ones they found were 30 to 33 feet and had eyes of 10 inches in diameter 18 inches in diameter respectively.
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They are the size of a beach ball or the size of a adult human head. Go to
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The size of a soccer ball
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I believe the largest ever found washed up on a beach somewhere. It's eye was the size of a hubcap! It is currently in the Smithsonian Institution. I bet that is the link that oc4ever has set you up with. I just watch a Discovery show on them, wow- crazy to think of something that crazy-scary lurking, huh?!!! Talk about calamari dinner for 200... LOL

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