What Is The Difference Between A Turtle And A Tortoise , And A Frog And A Toad?


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It partly depends where you live.  American English makes no distinction between turtles and tortoises.

Australian English considers Turtles and terrapins all to be aquatic or semi-aquatic species, while Tortoises are entirely land-based.

British English usage is that "Turtles" live in sea water, at least part-time.  They are air-breathing and wonderful swimmers. They lay eggs on land (usually buried in sand) and the hatchings run to the sea as soon as they can.

British English says that Terrapins are basically like turtles, but live in fresh- or brackish water.

Terrapins and turtles are omnivorous, and need fish / protein.

Tortoises look like turtles but live entirely on land, and are vegetarians.

Frogs and toads are so closely related that the distinctions  are mostly to do with habitat, appearances and life cycles.  Both are air-breathing.

Frogs lay large clumps of spawn, toads lay strings of less spawn.

Frogs have smooth wet skin, toads have dry bumpy skin.  

Toads are much better adapted to dry conditions.  Both Toads and Frogs die if their skin dries out.

Toads are usually bigger.

Adult toads spend most of their lives away from water, except they do breed in water.  Frogs spend a lot of their adult lives in water.

In the UK, frogs are much more numerous.

More differences listed here.
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The different types of land and aquatic turtles come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Turtles live in all kinds of waters including freshwater, the ocean, or brackish ponds and the marshland.

Their front feet might be fins or merely webbed toes with streamlined back feet that help them to swim. As compared to tortoise, turtles have flatter backs and spend their time or part of their lives underwater. They mate under water and lay eggs on the shore.

Some turtles sun themselves on logs, rocks, or sandy banks.As the winter approaches, they burrow in mud and go into torpor, a state similar to hibernation. Sea turtles migrate great distances. They are more often omnivorous, eating plants, insects, and fish.

As compared to turtles, the tortoises live entirely above water. They go into streams to clean themselves or otherwise to drink. Their feet are hard, scaly, and nubby so it can crawl across sharp rocks and sand. Tortoises often have claws to dig burrows, which they occupy during hot, sunny weather or during sleep. Tortoises are mostly herbivorous, eating cactus, shrubs, and other plants that have a lot of moisture. They rarely migrate. Their shell forms a rounded dome, allowing the tortoise's limbs and head to withdraw for protection.

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