Why Is My Dog Keeping One Eye Half Closed?


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He may have a cut on the eye and light is making it painful to open. Need to take him to the vet. Like they say its the only pair that we have.
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My dog's one eye lid is not continuously closed, but it has been periodically closed for a day and a half.  Yesterday his eye seemed to have a lot of film on it.  This morning it seems to be better around the eye but has a discharge.  He typically has "pink" on that side and the vet said not to worry about it but I'm beginning to worry about it.  

He is a wheaten and we beleive he may have allergies to begin with.  I just changed his food and he is going to the vet to be neutered in five days.  Should I call the vet,  use an alternative therapy unitl Friday or leave it alone?
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Take your pup to the vet, there must best something wrong with it...the best to you

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