Isn't Garlic/garlic Powder Harmful To Dogs?


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Actually Garlic - is very good for dogs!

You can use garlic, as a part of their diet - sprinkle it on their food etc.
It helps prevent ticks, (some say mosquitoes too) - and gives them a shinier coat/ fur.

At the same time - garlic is a healthy supplement for your dog.

So don't hesitate with giving your dog garlic - but ofcourse don't overdo it. Just a sprinkle on their food every day, is sufficient !

M. Clausen/ Austin, TX
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Little by little increase the amount you put on the food... Garlic POWDER- not salt... It helps with fleas. Always works on my dogs- never a tick!
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No its not that so harful for adult dogsit can harm puppies in indigestion

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