What Do Pug Dogs Like To Do ?


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They love to play, and stick to their owners like glue! Lots of short walks during the day are better than super long ones as Pugs can get very tired easily because of their squished muzzle. Be aware that Pugs have been known to eat until they pass out- so be careful not to overfeed. They are usually very active, but when they are sleepy they will nap anywhere on anything. They are usually very cuddly, adore attention and like to meet other people and dogs because they are very curious little guys.
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Pugs are lively, intelligent dogs. They are usually very affectionate and tend to stay close to their owners; so although they need and enjoy a couple of walks every day, they may not run off as far as some dogs would. They aren't happy if left on their own for long. They like a lot of attention and like to play, chasing objects, chewing rubber balls and so on. They are usually good with children.

However, it is important to remember that, although small, a pug is still a dog. Like any other dog it needs training and boundaries; a pug that has been spoiled may become snappish and unhappy. And do beware of overfeeding - they like their food and tend to be expert beggars! The pug club has more information on the habits of the pug and how to care for one.
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Well mostly pugs like to have a lot of space in the yard to run around and be FREE!
Pugs love younger kids more than older but thats fine and obvious because kids are more fun and very very active!And thats what pugs like ACTIVE! They some times don't feel like doing any thing  but eating but watch out of what you feed your dog! It may be very fat and have problems!!!!
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They like to chew especially as puppies the best thing to get for them as a toy is a chew toy made of rubber or that toy called The Kong. They are expensive, but last, and will help them to not chew on clothing or furniture. Pugs, to the best of my knowledge aren't running dogs, but like walks, and usually are decent at learning games like fetch.

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