What Animal Eats Pepper Plants?


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There are literally dozens of pests or animals that may munch on pepper plants. Usually, the types of creatures who will feed on pepper plants are of the insect variety, rather than rodents or larger animals (such as raccoons or bears). Insects, such as the cut worm, may enjoy nibbling on pepper plants; other types of insects that commonly feed on this sort of plant may include:

Types Of Insects That Eat Pepper Plants

• Beetles - These little black insects are usually interested in the leaves surrounding the pepper plant "fruit" - they will not be interested in eating the actual pepper. However, these little pests can still wreak havoc and weaken the strength and health of a garden's pepper plants. A flea beetle is one species with a special propensity for nibbling on the leaves of the pepper plant.
• Caterpillars - These fuzzy, creepy crawly creatures also enjoy eating pepper plant leaves, and they are large enough to consume significant amounts of the leafy green plants. Certain species of caterpillars may also enjoy snacking on the succulent, spicy "fruit" of the pepper plant - however, in general, caterpillars will be more interested in chowing down on the leaves instead.

These insects are just a sampling of over 30 breeds that enjoy eating pepper plant leaves and/or pepper plant fruit. Luckily, there are ways to control pests in your garden, and to protect your precious pepper plants from being destroyed by insects. Pesticides are a common method of dealing with unwanted visitors to your garden; these can be sprayed onto leaves or surrounding soil to deter insects. Today, certain pesticides are more environmentally-friendly than the solution used in the past - these may be safer choices for your pepper plants, which are, after all, generally used as a food source that adds spicy tang to many different recipes.

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