Can A Cat Get Sick From Eating Plants?


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Some cats can.  My moms friend had a cat, and a bamboo plant.. He ate some of it, and got sick and later died.  If you can you might want to get him to a vet.  I wish you the best and hope he is ok.
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Absolutely they can. Around the holidays a lot of animals get sick from pointsettias... The are really toxic.

Get yer critter to the vet as soon as you can... Or at least phone one and ask them directly.

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Yes some plants are poisonus and can make an animal very sick.... What plant did he eat? Some are fine and some are not. He may have purposely ate an ok plant to enduce vomiting to help an upset stomach. A vet is a good idea.
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connie johnson
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It was an arrangement of plants that was from my moms funeal.
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I am gonna assume that some of them were poisonous... Most plants that grow from bulbs are not safe for pets to eat.... I would seek vet help

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