How Can I Treat Moths?


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Moths are insects that are very much associated to the butterfly. Most of them are nocturnal in nature though there re also crepuscular and diurnal species of moths. There are different types of moths and most of them are pests and cause problems. For instance the caterpillar is a major agricultural pest in most parts of the world and then there is the clothes moth that infests the households and causes the clothes to wear and tear.

There are various ways of getting rid of moths. The garden moth can be treated with pesticides made specifically for this purpose because usually they are more resistant than mosquitoes and flies. The household clothes moth eats away the fabric and destroys the dresses, carpets and blankets. This moth can be repelled with the help of the scent from wood like juniper and cedar. Aroma of lavender and other natural oils are also used to keep the moth and prevent infestation. Naphthalene balls also known as mothballs are also used in most of the houses to treat moths though many have expressed the concerns of these moth balls on human health.

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