Does Canine's Breath Show Illness?


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Mimi Chai answered
I've noticed the same problem with my huskies. My dogs don't have the usual doggie breath that stinks but rather a really fishy smell. And that just started months ago. I feed them greenies and pedigrees breath buster before to help their breath and it seems to be working. I wanted to change the food initially but I started with their treats first. I always feed them the pupperoni beef jerkys with their meal and I have stopped doing that. Their breath is back to normal now. No smell after licks either. I'm sorry I wouldn't know about the urine smell because I think they stink already. But if you feel really concerned that something might be wrong, my best bet would be the vets. Otherwise, a change in diet would also help too.
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ray of light answered
It seems that your dog has got some kind of urine infection. Bad breath and odorous urine are the symptoms of problem in the urinary system. You should consult a vet for proper diagnosis.

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