Why Would A Dogs Armpits Be Swollen?


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The armpit is called the axilla in the dog.  Swelling in this area can be caused by a number of things.  It could be from trauma, infection, inflammation, cancer, the presence of a foreign body, or a swollen lymph gland (from local infection or cancer).  If the area is painful, or the condition worsens or persists I would recommend you contact your local veterinarian.  Your vet will take a thorough history of the problem, do a full physical exam and possibly do further testing on the affected area.  Tests may include a fine needle aspirate, ultrasound or xrays.   A fine needle aspirate is where a syringe and needle is used to suck out a sample from the affected tissue.  The sample is stained and examined under the microscope to give an idea as to the composition of the swelling.  

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