Can Any Animals Use Reason?


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All animals must learn to do some things. This is true even of those animals that function almost entirely by instinct. But the process of learning is not always the same. In many cases when we think an animal is "learning" something all that is really happening is that an instinct it was born with is developing or ripening. For example, birds fly rather clumsily when they first leave the nest. They "learn" to fly; it is really the gradual development of their instinct.
The most common way in which animals learn, in the true sense of learning, is by making mistakes and remembering to avoid them in the future; this is the way dogs learn to "behave", or to do tricks, and the way horses are broken in and trained.
Animals very seldom learn by imitating, if one dog knows a certain trick, another dog cannot learn that same trick by watching the first and imitating it.
Then what about using reason? This means finding a solution to a problem or difficulty which they have never met before, and which they do not know how to solve from some inborn instinct. Experiments have shown that apes and monkeys are able to reason to a certain extent.
In one experiment, a monkey was brought into a room where a banana was hanging that it could not reach. There were two small boxes in the room. The monkey sat and looked at the banana and the boxes. Then it suddenly got up, placed one box on top of the other, climbed up and got the banana! The monkey had actually thought out how to do it— it had used reason.
Scientists believe that dogs, cats, and even some wild animals can probably reason to a certain extent, but it is hard to prove this is so.
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Oneperson2: It's hard to prove if other animals can reason because most cientists don't know where to start and don't have enough means to study this issue. Also, most non human animal's actions are attributed to instinct, as if we were denying the possibility that other animals can reason too.
And besides, instinct is something that can also be attributed to most human's actions.
The examples you enunciated are applicable to humans, so I hope that by "animals" you were referring to humans too.
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Yes, crows can reason, dogs can reason, cats can reason, at least some apes can reason. I've seen documentaries about it. Animals that live in groups usually learn from the other members of their group (like we do, as we are a species that lives in groups). But before learning from the others, there has to be an individual that discovers something by himself first.
As incredible as it sounds, we still know very little about the animals around us and so it's impossible to say at this point if all animals reason or just some.
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I think I read somewhere that crows can reason

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