Why Can't Animals Learn To Talk?


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There is a very good reason why animals cannot learn to talk as human beings do, that is, use words to express ideas.
Most of the intelligent things animals do is a result of inheriting certain patterns of behaviour. This works in Special situations, but when you change the situation the animal usually does not know how to deal with it. The other reason animals behave "intelligently" is that they go through a trial-and-error method of learning.
Neither of these two ways of "thinking" can ever lead to talking. Talking means the use of words as symbols. The word stands for an idea or a thing it is a symbol of it. And animals do not have the ability to deal with symbols. Their minds cannot use combinations of symbols the1 way human beings do.
When we study how a child learns to say "Mama", we can see how complicated learning to talk really is. First the baby learns to recognize mother by seeing her again and again. As soon as the child recognizes her, the mother keeps pointing to herself and saying "Mama" at the same time. Gradually the infant hears the sound "Mama". After a while, the baby remembers this sound, and now it understands the word "Mama".
Later on, the child makes a connection between the appearance of mother and the sound "Mama", and it identifies her. Now the mother shows the child how to say the word with its mouth, The baby imitates her and reaches the stage of word formation. It keeps on trying to say the word until certain muscles begin to work.
Finally the day comes when everything is ready for talking. The baby sees the mother, recognizes her, remembers the word, forms the word, starts the right muscles working, and says "Mama"!
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If you don't believe animals talk, you would have to listen to my Parrot.
He talks! And moreover, he knows what he is saying!
African Gray's are one of the most intelligent birds there are.
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When you say animals don't use symbols as humans do, there was a study that showed, if a dog hears a bell every time he gets fed, then he is going to pair the bell with getting fed. Just like, when you tell a dog no, most trained dogs understand the meaning of the word, and the same goes for fetch, sit, stay, shake and the like.
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Animals can talk humans aren't smart enough to understand them yet. Animals can hear things humans can't yet. Once humans can hear the sounds of a dog whistle then understanding animals wouldn't be far down the line.
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I believe they can talk. They just don't speak our language. :o)
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They can, they just do it in a different way. It's all in the way that you train them.
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Because of god!

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