Does Cutting A Pomeranian's Hair Make It Cooler In Summer?


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You should never cut a pomeranian's hair because it ruins the undercoat and sometime has problems growing back. Poms do get warm and you have to limit their time outside but actually the pomeranians coat helps in regulating her temperature so if you cut her hair it will cause problems temp control. Most groomers will refuse to cut a pom and try to talk you out of it.
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Dear Jmeike1,
Thanks so much for this very helpful information. Someone had told me exactly what you said that the coat helps in regulating the temperature to keep it cool. I just moved to S. Florida and I know that I must limit his time outdoors. I see Poms here with Lion's cuts. Some people actually have told me that it is to keep them cooler. I love my Pom's long hair and would never do anything to prevent it from coming back or in damaging the undercoat. Appreciate your response.

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