I Found A Very Small Frog, What Kind Of Frog Is It And What Do I Feed It?


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Kaiti Mortimer answered
Can you explain what it looks looks like a little bit more
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Rain answered
I'm sorry, but a lot of frogs are small and without a picture there is no way to tell what kind of frog it is.
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I found a very small frog what kind of frog is it what do I feed it its small and its dark green with black spots on its back and I put it in some water and a big rock with leaves and sticks I don't want it to die so what do I do with it and I also don't have or know what to feed it I put bugs on and in the water
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Kayla Hotaling answered
Can you maybe put a pic of the frog up soooo we can see please because it's very hard to tell when you jab no pic of it

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