What Sort Of Fish Live In Rivers?


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Just about any freshwater fish can and will turn up in a river during different seasons. Whether its for migrating or mating. But mostly during fall, spring and winter you can find carp, bullhead, channel,flathead and blue catfish, baitfish, northern pike, longnose and shortnose gar,trout,walleye, perch, sauger, bluegill, etc. During the spring and summer large and small mouth bass. And through out the year some hybrids as well, for example, a saugeye which is a mix between a sauger and a walleye, and possible tiger musky which is a mix between a muskellunge and a northern pike. But depending on the season and river you can catch a lot of varieties of fish. These were just to name a few of the game species you can expect to find, there are more.

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