What Kind Of Animals And Fish Live In The Trench Zone?


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The 'Hadalpelagic Zone' ('The Trenches') begins somewhere
around 20,000 feet and goes to whatever depth the sea
bottom is in the deepest part of the ocean (some say that's
as deep as 35,797 feet).  Scientists have found 'foraminiferae',
single-celled organisms living on the bottom of the Mariana Trench,
the deepest place in the world.   There the water is just above
freezing and the pressure is an unbelievable 8 tons psi.
Deep sea thermal vents can be found at this depth which have
helped in causing some interesting adaptions in the creatures
of this Zone (but since I'm trying to keep this short....)   
As an example, since no sunlight can reach this layer, deep
sea creatures have reduced eyesight.  The eyes are large
and can only collect bio-luminescent light.  Too, most of the
dwellers of this Zone have no pigmentation at all.   Coloration is
of no use because there's no light at all that deep.  The fish that
can be more easily found here are jellyfishes, sea cucumbers,
tube worms and the deep sea Angler Fish.  Giant Squids, Goblin
Sharks and the like are more elusive.   And as we go deeper, more
strange and unknown creatures are going to come to light.  
Or those that were thought to be extinct.

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