What Kind Of Fish Can Live With A Yellow Belly Turtle?


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Fish don't survive with turtles in your tank . When me and my bf first got our baby turtles, we decided to put some platys, mollies, guppies and one algea eater in the tank .
The only one left in the tank was the algea eater, of course his fins were all nibbled on , and once he grew his fins back , they were once again nibbled off.
Younger turtles are more carnivorous when they are young, and once they get older their like vegetarians. My fish in the same tank with the turtles lasted a little bit, but the first one that got in there was gone... Torn apart into shreds, now when we give our turtles two fish in the tank , the bigger of the two turtles just pretty much swallows them whole.
I'm not saying that your algea eater will last, but they have blinded his right eye.(poor bubbah)
but hes okay now , we've put him in with the african chiclids , which yea they nibble at him too there but is getting bigger everyday they'll stop picking on him soon. , but if you do really want to get fish for your turtle tank , I suggest you start off with regular gold fish that are bigger than your turtle is .good luck

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