How Is The Koala Bear Adapted For Life In The Trees?


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am sorry I don’t understand what you mean by adaptations.

On a comparison with pandas, koalas are marsupials pandas are not.

Koalas are arboreal

Their diet is a variety of species of eucalypt .

If that doesn’t answer your question let me know exactly what you are enquiring about.

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  A Koala rarely comes down to the ground unless it needs to cross the ground to reach an isolated eucalyptus tree. It stays in the trees virtually all of the time, eating, sleeping, mating and raising its young among the branches. The Koala is most active at night, beginning its browsing at dusk and retiring to a comfortable fork in the tree to sleep during the warmth of the day.

  The Koala bear is well- equipped for its tree dwelling way of life. On each forefoot, the first two digits are opposable to the other three, giving the Koala, in effect, two thumbs. On the hindfeet, the first digits are opposable to the other four.

  These features, in addition to the long pincer-like claws on all fingers and toes, provide the animal with an excellent grip on the smooth bark. The Koala climbs vertical tree trunks by grasping the bark with its forelimbs, then lifting both hindlimbs together, digging its claws in and pushing itself up.

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