How Is A Crab Adapted To Life On The Seashore?


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A crab is a decapod crustacean. In other words, it is a crustacean that has ten legs (or five pairs of legs). It belongs to the infraorder Brachyura. Brachyura is an infraorder which is typically characterised by a short tail. The word Brachyura is, in fact, derived from the two words Brachy, which is the Greek word for short, and ura, which is the Greek word for a tail.

Its pincers defend itself against other marine creatures, also its hardened shell enable it to become a natural born fighter against fish and monkeys. Yes not only do crabs live on the coast but they also live in the jungle near rivers.

Crabs are chiefly marine, but some are terrestrial for long periods. They are omnivorous; some are scavengers and others predators. Although they are capable of locomotion in all directions, crabs tend to move sideways; swimming crabs have the last pair of legs flattened to form paddles, they have a shell is protecting them from the rocks and they have small gill near their face if something where to hit its face it will face facial reconstruction.

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