Are Red Fox Dangerous To Humans And Small Dogs?


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Not unless they have rabies or you get too close to a mother fox and her babies. They run away from humans and dogs otherwise.
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Not true. Here in St. Clair Shores MI we have been inundated with a family of foxes. They come right up to you. We have never in the 50 plus years that some residents have lived in our suburban neighborhood had this problem. The city will do nothing to relocate this family. We come out of our houses even during the day and they are sunning themselves in our yards. It is not funny for us as a lot of us have small kids and or small pets. The foxes can sail over fenc
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They can and can't because it depends on the sex if its a female no but a male might act aggressive towards the small dog
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No they would be scared off if you went neer it if it didnt run it has rabies
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No because their a little bigger

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