Where Is An Elephant's Sex Organ Located?


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An elephant’s sex organ is where you’d expect it to be – just in front of the hind legs, and central.

How Do Elephants Mate?
Elephants mate in pretty much the same way that all four-legged animals do - the male mounts the female from behind, whilst standing up or lying down.

How Big Is An Elephant’s Penis?
Pretty big! The African bull elephant’s penis can grow to be six and a half feet in length – that’s longer than the average human is tall! These elephants have been known to swat flies and scratch itches with their penis.

With elephants being as huge and heavy as they are, thrusting during sex would be pretty impossible. Being able to move their penis makes it much easier for them to mate, as they can keep their bodies relatively still. It saves them breaking a sweat, I suppose!

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