Why Is My Cat Vomiting Foamy White Stuff?


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How frequently your cat is vomiting? If she is vomiting occasionally then no need to worry. I she is having frequent episodes of vomiting then take her to vet or diagnosis and treatment because each cause is treated differently and there are variety o causes o vomiting in cats. Most common causes of vomiting in cats are

1. Hairballs
2. Food allergy
3. Food intolerance
4. Changes in foods
5. Eating rapidly
6. Exercise after meals
7. Eating of grass, plant, rodents or other foreign material
8. Intestinal parasites and worms
9. Toxicity due to poisons
10. Constipation
11. Colitis, gastritis, enteritis, intestinal obstruction, and GI ulcers & tumors
12. Irritable bowel syndrome
13. Liver and kidney diseases
14. Pancreatitis
15. Hyperthyroidism
16. Hormonal imbalance
17. Diabetes
18. Inflammation of uterus

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